Our Culture

Mission Statement:

Create value by producing the highest quality products, providing unmatched customer service and utilizing efficiencies to grow sustainably for our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Our Values:


“Our Products Must Be Second To None” was developed over 70 years ago. It is the single most important pillar that has kept our business thriving in today’s modern world. Although in today’s world, cost is a factor that must be considered, we let nothing stand in our way of producing the highest quality products possible.

Elite Service

Modern baking is an industry that has no set hours and never sleeps. Unlike our larger adversaries, our service is complete and endless. We pride ourselves in being a complete partner, consultant and full service manufacturer. In need of a flavor modification? No problem. You need a delivery on Sunday afternoon? We will be there. We have the track record and reliability to help you get the job done in two weeks or two hours. Hanan Products will provide any solution necessary to make sure you keep your business running without loss.

Continuous Innovation

Our number one focus is top quality. But top quality is not static. With constant changes in FDA requirements, flavor innovation, and pushing towards cleaner better food, continuous innovation is necessary to stay on top. Hanan Products has a full R&D lab in house and all innovation is done on site. This method has allowed us to maximize our knowledge of each and every ingredient we use and apply that knowledge towards the newest product design.


Started by our founder, Stuart Hanan, Hanan Products has stayed a family business for its entire life. It was Stuart’s passion to provide baking solutions to customers that still drive’s us today. In it’s 3rd generation of ownership, Hanan Products still approaches each and every customer the same as day one. This dedication is reflected in each approach of our business that is vital to the growth and sustainability of the company.

Partnership and Teamwork

Hanan Products has always looked at successful business as a multi-level approach. In order to accomplish our goals, we rely on our vendors, employees, distributors and end user’s. By integrating the efforts of multiple parties our overall added value is exponential. It is this understanding of teamwork and removing the single individual that has propelled us to where we are today.