Hanan Products

Our Story

Founded in 1947 by Stuart Hanan, a research chemist, Hanan Products Company Inc. has developed into a leading manufacturer of a broad line of whipped toppings used for baking and food service. With an overwhelming interest in quality, and a very active research and development staff, we have created products for every aspect of the industry. These products include; kosher dairy and parve, ready to use and concentrates, along with whippable icings and fillings.

With our newly expanded facility in Hicksville, New York, we are proud of our ability to develop and manufacture products that have attained the highest level of acceptance both domestically and throughout many international markets, including Europe, Asia, and South America. Our frozen storage capacity allows us to meet the most demanding requirements of all of our customers. In addition, our manufacturing approach remains agile and responsive.

As constant research plays a significant role in our success, our expertise allows us to be very attentive to our customers needs. As we remain a family owned business we operate from a solid base of understanding and are very “hands on”.

It was the original concept of Stuart Hanan that “Our Products Must Be Second to None”. With a successful history of better than 60 years, this philosophy has served our customers and us well. We are convinced that it will continue to do so in the future.