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Its more than you think!

HANAN’S Whip Deelite Base is a frozen concentrated, non-dairy, artificially flavored whipped topping. HANAN’S Whip Deelite base extends the range of a simple whipped topping by giving the baker a product that can be used as a base for flavored creams and Bavarian, chiffons, puddings and ambrosia.

In today’s modern bakery, very few products lend themselves to the versatility of HANAN’S Whip Deelite. In one product, the baker receives a whipped topping of unsurpassed quality and an ingredient that can be used in a variety of imaginative preparations.

Economical: After thawing just mix HANAN’S Whip Deelite base with cold water (2:1). Because it’s concentrated, HANAN’S Whip Deelite base yields a 425% overrun with 3 to 5 days stability.

Versatility: HANAN’S Whip Deelite Base extends the range of a simple whipped topping by giving the baker a product that can be used as a base for bavarian and flavored cremes, chiffon’s, puddings, and ambrosia just to name a few. Be imaginative and mix HANAN’S Whip Deelite base with fruits, fruit juices, liqueurs or any choice of flavors or dairy products. Because of its unusual stability, heavy cream may be added without fear of weeping, cracking or separation.

Fruit Juices: Chilled fruit juices (lemon, lime, grape, orange, pineapple, etc.) can replace the water portion and provide unique flavor/color combinations (2:1).

Dairy/Cream Flavor: If a dairy flavor topping is desired, the user has several options to choose from. * Whip two parts HANAN’s Whip Deelite base with one part chilled water. Whip until soft peaks form. Then add one part chilled heavy whipping cream and whip until soft peaks form.

Chocolate Flavored Whipped Topping: Add one half part granulated sugar to one part chilled water, combine two parts HANAN’S Whip Deelite base. While whipping, sift in unsweetened cocoa powder. Whip the combined mixture in a conventional manner.

Tiramisu and Mocha Flavored Whipped Topping: Combine HANAN’S Whipped Deelite base topping with coffee flavors or your favorite tiramisu recipe.

As a topping, or ingredient, HANAN’S Whip Deelite Base is a perfect compliment for today’s baker.

*Note: acidic fruit juices and liqueurs should not be combined with dairy products.