Hanan's Top 'N Fil

Top N Fil

Top ‘N Fil options: Natural Vanilla Chocolate Intense Creme Deluxe | Cremosa | Lemon | Strawberry | Mocha

With the professional in mind, we have developed a whippable Icing and Filling with the superior characteristics that you would expect from Hanan Products. HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL combines excellent yield, stability and flavor into a product that significantly outperforms conventional old-fashioned buttercream.

HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL is supplied frozen and can be stored either in the freezer or refrigerator and used at your convenience. After thawing, simply place in a bowl and whip with a wire beater to a soft peak.

HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL will not separate or crack and maintains its freshness for days. It can even be held at room temperature in a domed container without the slightest sign of weeping. With an overrun of three to one (3:1), twice as many cakes can be decorated, pound for pound, with HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL as compared to the competition.

HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL is perfect for topping and filling any dessert and holds sharp crisp edges. Colors added to HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL stay vibrant allowing for perfect piping.

HANAN’S Top N Fil is supplied in either a 30lb. pail or case of four 8.81lb. gallons (net 35.25lbs.)

TOP ‘N FIL is certified kosher and either parve or dairy, depending on flavor.

Don’t wait to learn how the advanced characteristics of HANAN’S TOP ‘N FIL can improve your products, simplify your operation, increase your variety and sales, and lower your costs.

Please contact Hanan Products directly for a distributor in your area at 516-938-1000.