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Top ‘N Fil MOCHA is a frozen, ready-to-use Icing and Filling consisting of a pasteurized blend of dairy ingredients. It combines the stability and whipped volume of a dairy icing with the flavor profile of a mocha filling. A Kosher dairy product, Top ‘N Fil MOCHA is produced under strict rabbinical supervision.

Top ‘N Fil MOCHA is the perfect product for customers that require a whipped icing with a strong mocha flavor but want to avoid the problems of using real whipping cream (short refrigerated shelf life, poor whipped stability, low whipped volume, inability to freeze after whipping and high cost.).

Top ‘N Fil MOCHA arrives frozen and has a frozen shelf life of 18 months. The customer thaws under refrigeration only the amount of product needed. Once thawed, Top ‘N Fil MOCHA has a 60 day refrigerated shelf life in an unopened container (a 7-day refrigerated shelf life in an opened container).

Top ‘N Fil MOCHA when properly whipped in a rotary mixer with a wire whip, will yield 350% whipped volume (3.5 to 1). The whipped texture can vary from a rough “cream like” surface to smooth and glossy, depending upon the user’s preference.

Refrigerated Whipped Stability will be 5 days if Top ‘N Fil MOCHA was whipped to a firm consistency. If a softer whip consistency is desired, the Refrigerated Whipped Stability will be 2 to 3 days.

Once whipped, Top ‘N Fil MOCHA may be refrozen (in sealed containers) for distribution.