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As partner to the professional baker, Hanan Products has developed a full line of whipped topping and fillings that meets the demand of today’s modern bakers. Whether its dairy or non-dairy, concentrates or fluids, icings or fillings, puddings, specialty desserts, ice creams and more, the possibilities are endless! Hanan Products prides itself on its unique formulation and production processes that allow our products to provide maximum versatility to your bakery. We know once you try our dairy or non-dairy whipped topping products, you’ll find they are superior in taste, texture and stability. Let the originality of your bakery, with the partnership of Hanan Products create the perfect product for you. We invite you to browse Hanan’s dairy and non-dairy whipped topping products and experience what we can do for you.

La Fiorentina

“We love the combination of HPT and Top ‘N Fil Cremosa. The consistency is excellent and our customers love the flavor.”

Anna, Springfield, MA


“We love the HPT, Top ‘N Fil Intense and Top ‘N Fil Strawberry. The products give us a great range of flavors for many applications and the stability is excellent, even in the summer months.”

Rick, Newington, CT


“The products are amazing! I started out using the HPT until I saw all of the other options offered. From Top ‘N Fil to Tres Leches, I highly recommend the entire line. I truly love all the products and they are so great to work with.”

Roxanna, Massapequa, NY

Bella Palermo

“The flavor of the Tres Leches is absolutely excellent and our customers love it. We wouldn’t change for anything else. We also love the Whip Deelite Base. The stability and flavor are great, and the cost savings from the concentrate are also very nice.”

Nelida, Elizabeth, NJ


“I’ve been using HPT for over 30 years. I’ve used a lot of products in the past and there is no substitute for the HPT. It has the best taste, stability and quality even in the hot summer months. I have a lot of customers that tell me they have never tasted whipped cream like this, and it is the best around. I wouldn’t change for any other product.”

Greg, Brentwood, NY

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Gourmet Dairy Toppings

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